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iDirect X7 Satellite Router

The Evolution X7 remote is the first of iDirect’s next-generation family of remotes. Built on an entirely new multi-core hardware system, the X7 is optimized to deliver best-in-class DVB-S2/ACM and A-TDMA throughput performance. The X7 also features SCPC on the return and an 8-port embedded switch for managing multiple user groups. The rack-mountable remote comes with multiple choices of embedded power supply units and dual DVB-S2 demodulators with fully independent RF chains. This makes it uniquely suited for a range of enterprise voice and data services while simultaneously receiving multicast channels over the same or a second transponder or satellite – even combining spot-beam HTS capacity and Ku- and C-Band capacity.idirect_x7

iDirect X7 Features
Up to 100 Mbps of combined inbound and outbound throughput
1 RU high remote chassis fitting in standard telecom racks
Licensable 2nd demodulator for multicast traffic
Variant power supply module configurations
Dual image support and Web iSite for ease of deployment and upgrades
Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) support
AES Encryption.


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